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Alpinum Investment Management is a Swiss asset manager that has established itself as a competent partner for innovative investment solutions and has grown its asset base to approximately USD 2 bn. Our key areas of expertise include traditional and alternative credit investments, direct lending and hedge funds.

The offering includes our award-winning investment funds, customized portfolio solutions and investment consulting. Our services and investment concepts are primarily aimed at family offices, wealth managers, banks and pension funds.

Our investment style differentiates itself with its absolute return minded investment philosophy, strict risk discipline, a constant search for attractive risk premia and opportunistic implementation.

Alpinum Investment Management is a manager of collective assets authorized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). The firm emerged in 2014 from a spin-off of a multi-billion global wealth manager to form a dedicated and specialized investment manager. In all offered solutions, Alpinum Investment Management combines deep investment expertise with multi decade-long portfolio management experience. The firm is a signatory to the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). 

Market Intelligence

Excellence through Specialisation
At Alpinum Investment Management, we believe in focussing on our core competences. We can achieve this by analysing accurate market information and competitive intelligence combined with state of the art tools and methodologies. We follow the beliefs that only systematic analyses of market data, broad market knowledge, and thorough research create a solid ground that enables us to build our sustainable investment edge.
Excellence through Specialisation​ - Investment Market
Direct Lending Investments

Direct Lending

Lack of bank lending spurs private loans

For most of the 20iest Century, US commercial banks were the primary lenders to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME), but two major events – the regional bank consolidation beginning in the 1990s in the U.S. and the global financial crisis in 2008, led to a decline in SME lending. Hence, US banks started already 20 years ago to scale back their middle-market lending activities and the introduction of more stringent banking regulations post the financial crisis served as an additional accelerator of this trend.

Since the beginning of 2009, European banks began to restrict their middle-market lending activities as well. The lack of “traditional” bank lending in this space has created the opportunity for attractive risk-adjusted investment opportunities.

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Investment Solutions

What we manage

Generally, we live in a changing world. Alpinum Investment Management does not believe that a single portfolio manager will be the best one at all times.

For that reason, our approach is to actively select among the world’s best portfolio managers to meet investment needs consequently. In contrast, portfolio management strategy, risk control and active monitoring get performed inside the company by a team of professionals.

For instance, the funds managed and promoted by Alpinum Investment Management, in combination, can result in a sophisticated absolute return model portfolio strategy. Our investment funds are domiciled in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein as well as in Switzerland.

Multi Manager Investment Asset Alloction
Turnkey Investment Solutions for Wealth Managers and Fund Managers - Services​. Alpinum Investment Management AG - Swiss Fund Manager

Service Solutions

Turnkey Solutions for Wealth Managers and Fund Managers

Alpinum Investment Management performs a modular platform of in-house and third-party offerings which provides access to a broad range of innovative portfolio management approaches for family offices, wealth managers, banks and pension funds.

We provide one-stop-shop portfolio solutions, single funds, and asset class specific fund portfolios to professional investors.

Our key areas of expertise include traditional and alternative credit investments, direct lending and hedge funds. With our dedicated and focused multi-manager approach, we provide a complimentary, innovative and collaborative product range to our client base.


How we see the World

Cash Management

When Liquidity is Essential

Owning Liquidity is not only essential when there is a crisis. Having a well balanced approach to a diversified asset allocation, liquidity plays an important role. The management of this asset class is essential because cash not only represents the safety aspects but also provides the highest flexibility when it comes to availability and purchase power. It is overall accepted that holding cash provides little compensation. It is therefore key to find a solution that provides a portfolio with very low risk profile and active risk management.

Short term EUR-interest rates have been negative since early 2015 until mid-2022, when the ECB lifted rates. Cyclically and structurally driven higher inflation rates in the years ahead will also keep interest rates higher for an extended period. However, in contrast to the years with negative interest rates, bank accounts offer lower yields than what an investor can earn on institutional capital markets. It is therefore advisable to engage with investment solutions that meet both performance and risk management criteria, with counterparty risk always being actively managed to avoid possible negative surprises.

Owning Liquidity is not only essential when there is a negative interest crisis.


Great spirit never dies.

Alpinum Investment Management’s team is comprised of experienced professionals. As a matter of fact, whose areas of expertise complement each other well.

We are convinced that solely strong technical and analytical competencies allow an in-depth understanding of the financial markets’ complexities. Anyhow, our work is not only based on numbers, but also on fostering excellent team spirit.

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Portfolio Management Building Blocks

Alternative Investments

How can Alternative Investments build a better tomorrow?

Alternative investments have grown to an essential asset class for institutional investors and private wealth managers. Alternatives play a crucial role in modern asset allocation. They can either help to provide higher levels of income, enhance the return profile or reduce the volatility of an investor’s portfolio. Hence, the asset class can be beneficial for a portfolio in a variety of aspects.

The importance of alternative investments has only grown over the last few years. Particularly, since the investment outlook for “traditional” asset classes has become less attractive, evidenced by low interest rates and high volatility in equity markets as just witnessed in Q1 2020 or throughout the year of 2022.

Important Asset Class - Alternative Investments
Awards and rating Alpinum Investment Funds


Alpinum Investment Funds

With close to 2 billion in assets under management, furthermore, the connection to a global wealth manager, we are committed to delivering superior results while maintaining risk discipline.

Alpinum Investment Management product range achieved a successful track record since its inception. The fund management company got rewarded with highly respected awards and ratings.

Career Opportunities

Join us

At Alpinum Investment Management, we understand that our people are a precious resource. That’s why we’ve focused on creating an atmosphere where every unique individual can flourish. Hence, work together to achieve defined goals. 

Building an environment where teams can be inspired, consistently challenge the status quo, moreover, thrive in a positive, energetic setting, is at the essence of Alpinum Investment Management’s culture. 

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