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Key takeaways

  • As a specialized institutional service provider Alpinum Investment Management offers the full range of asset management disciplines and services.
  • A powerful modular platform provides holistic one-stop-shop portfolio solutions, bespoke mandates or the infrastructure to run self-managed or white-labelled funds.
  • Alpinum provides access to the world’s best talent in traditional and alternative asset classes via pooled or segregated mandates.
Turnkey Investment Solutions for Wealth Managers and Fund Managers - Services​

Turnkey Solutions Services for Wealth Managers and Fund Managers

Alpinum Investment Management performs a modular platform of in-house and third-party offerings which provides access to a broad range of innovative investment solutions for family offices, wealth managers, banks and pension funds. We provide one-stop-shop portfolio solutions, single funds, and asset class specific fund portfolios to professional investors. Our key areas of expertise include traditional and alternative credit investments, direct lending and hedge funds. With our dedicated and focused multi-manager approach, we provide a complimentary, innovative and collaborative product range to our client base.


Alpinum investment funds are extremely well suited as an addition to an existing portfolio or a specifically chosen asset allocation.

Full Asset Class

Alpinum investment funds are particularly well suited as an addition to an existing investment portfolio or a specific asset allocation.

Full Portfolio

With our Asset Class Building Blocks, you can put together a portfolio tailored to your needs, from total return models to relative return models.

Model Portfolio US-Dollar

The Alpinum Investment Management team is proficient in all major asset classes and has waste experience in running traditional and absolute return oriented portfolios.

With our core expertise in credit and alternatives we provide additional value in running successfully customized one-stop turnkey solutions.

Example: Model portfolio USD with focus on long term capital appreciation and low drawdowns.

from 2003 up to 2014 followed the same investment approach and was operated by Marcuard Heritage prior to spin off of their investment management unit into Alpinum Investment Management.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. No investment is risk-free. Therefore, different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be no assurance that the future performance of any specific investment, investment strategy, or product.

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Alpinum Investment Management

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Alpinum Investment Management AG offers advisory services for strategic and tactical asset allocation across all major asset class such as liquidity, fixed income, equities and alternatives.

We advise wealth managers and family offices in investments relating to their own model portfolios, actively managed certificates or specific investment opportunities.

Besides, we regularly publish various research papers, primarily focusing on credit- and alternative investments.


Alpinum Investment Management’s flexible investment platform offers a unique value proposition to fund managers seeking access to a turnkey solution for their infrastructural needs.

Through the careful selection of our outsourcing partners, we host, deliver and launch specifically designed investment funds to meet your investors’ needs.

The strength of Alpinum Investment Management AG’s set up allows to host other independent entrepreneurial investment managers. We have created a Luxembourg SICAV-SIF hosted platform to allow successful asset managers to focus on their core competence of portfolio management without getting involved in time consuming administration and risk management tasks. Oversight functions are outsourced to an AIFM.

  • Cost efficiency through size & persistent selection of most value-add service provider.
  • Professional operational set-up (e.g. NAV controlling, currency hedging etc.).
  • Up-to-date maintenance relating to legal, compliance and regulatory developments.
  • Access for distribution to professional investors in the European Union & Switzerland.

We are glad to help you organizing and service the entire value chain of your investment fund by putting the best business partners at the right place to generate added value for involved business partners and for the benefit of the investors.

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