Market Intelligence

Excellence through specialisation

At Alpinum Investment Management, we believe in focussing on our core competences. We can achieve this by analysing accurate market information and competitive intelligence combined with state of the art tools and methodologies. We follow the beliefs that only systematic analyses of market data, broad market knowledge, and thorough research create a solid ground that enables us to build our sustainable investment edge.

We are proficient in all major asset classes with a special focus on fixed income and credit markets as well as alternative investments. Our expertise also includes highly risk-efficient cash management solutions, and we have deep expertise in private markets, whereas we have a particular focus on direct lending and credit opportunities such as distressed investing. We have not only in-depth expertise in these areas, but we also have many years of experience combined with proven practical implementation in wealth management or mandates for institutional clients.

Excellence through Specialisation​ - Investment Market

Alternative Investment

Alternative investments have grown to an essential asset class for institutional investors and private wealth managers. These non-traditional investments play a crucial role in modern asset allocation.

They can either help to provide higher levels of income, enhance the return profile or reduce the volatility of an investor’s portfolio. Hence, the asset class can be beneficial for a portfolio in a variety of aspects.

The importance of alternative investments has only grown over the last few years. The investment outlook for “traditional” asset classes has become less attractive, evidenced by low or even negative interest rates and high volatility in equity markets as just witnessed in Q4 2018 or later in Q1 2020.


The key business of investment managers is to find attractive sources of returns for their clients. This work has become even more challenging in today’s environment where market returns on stocks or bonds have reached new lows, and identifying sustainable investment opportunities are even rarer. 

Moreover, professional investors, such as insurance companies, pension funds and independent wealth advisors, are turning the focus to credit investments to explore the risk-adjusted investment opportunity to meet the liability requirements.

Liquidity Management

Owning Liquidity is not only essential when there is a crisis. Having a well-balanced approach to a diversified asset allocation, cash plays an important role. The management of this asset class is essential because cash not only represents the safety aspects but also provide the highest flexibility when it comes to availability and purchases power. It is overall accepted that holding cash provide none or little compensation. 

Hence, it is therefore essential to manage the risk where the cash is held.

Risk-Return Overview

Our Credit & Fixed Income Strategies

Secured Lending
L+500 bps
Trade Finance
L+400 bps

Description of the chart

The chart describes the broad range of fixed income and credit strategies we manage successfully for our client base. All solutions are actively managed and profiled to have an efficient relationship between risk, return and liquidity.

Our offering starts at the one end with cash management solutions, which provide the lowest risk and highest liquidity. At the other end of the product range, we run illiquid “direct lending” portfolios with high cash flow generation or “opportunistic credit” investments with double digit return goals such as “distressed debt investing”.

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